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A Workaround for WWW yield bug on iOS

Quick Update This issue is resolved in Unity 5.1.3 patch 2 (download here). This post only deals with the scenario where you cannot upgrade to a newer version (due to various project constraints). This post presents a simple workaround for overcoming a … Continue reading

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Removing Empty Folders in Unity

This post shares a small (but useful) recipe for getting rid of empty folders in Unity. This annoying thing usually happens when you switch between different git branches, since different branches may add/remove folders. Git doesn’t like to deal with empty … Continue reading

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Unity Editor Extensions – Extending Unity’s Default Inspectors

Unity allows creating custom inspectors for your own custom types, as well as its built-in types easily. But if you’re after extending unity’s built-in inspectors you’re mostly out of luck – there’s no simple API for that (Unity’s inspectors are not publicly exposed). … Continue reading

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Auto Save in Unity

What can you do when a team member suffers a recurring Unity editor crash, losing all their precious level design work ? My answer was to write a small and helpful editor extension – auto save ! (and then blog about … Continue reading

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Finding Missing References in Unity

This post shows a short and simple solution for finding missing references in Unity. You can get the code from GitHub. Missing References A missing reference is different from having no reference at all (in which case the inspector shows “None”). These can occur … Continue reading

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A Summary of Unity Attributes

The post was updated with attributes from Unity 5.3 RC1. Unity uses attributes all over the place for declaring different things to the engine. The latest release (5.3) has a whopping count of 77 (!) attributes to decorate your classes, methods and fields. New … Continue reading

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Unity Editor Extensions

The Unity editor offers many APIs for extending it in various ways to enhance your development workflows. This includes things such as hooks into the build pipeline, creation of custom windows, menu items and custom inspectors to name a few. In this … Continue reading

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ScriptableObject Factory – Create Any ScriptableObject Type

A ScriptableObject is a serializable Unity object that is not attached to a GameObject (like MonoBehaviours are). They are typically used for storing data and they can also be saved as an asset file in you project, just like any other texture or audio … Continue reading

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