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What’s New in Automated Testing with Unity (Unity 5.3)

Automated testing is one subject I’m deeply interested in (although probably not doing enough of). I’ve already blogged about Unity Test Tools in the past, right around the time the first version was released. Since some time has passed, I … Continue reading

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ScriptableObject Factory – Create Any ScriptableObject Type

A ScriptableObject is a serializable Unity object that is not attached to a GameObject (like MonoBehaviours are). They are typically used for storing data and they can also be saved as an asset file in you project, just like any other texture or audio … Continue reading

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Pimp My Debug.Log

This post describes a quick “tip” for improving how you work with logging in Unity. Share it with your team in case you find it useful 🙂 Console Window Mess As developers we probably spend 50% of our time debugging code (it … Continue reading

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Introduction to Unity Test Tools

Unity Test Tools is a package that provides developers the components needed for creating and executing automated tests without leaving the comforts of the Unity editor. It is officially developed and maintained by the folks at Unity, released initially in December … Continue reading

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T4 Code Generation Fun with Unity

Many Unity code samples use a string identifier, such as the game object’s tag for various things (e.g: checking for a collision with “player”). In this post i will explore a different, safer and automated technique that achieves the same … Continue reading

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Setting up Continuous Integration with Unity

A recent question about Continuous Integration and Unity led me to try and get something up and running. The motivation was to see how hard it is to setup a basic CI system for auto building Unity projects and later … Continue reading

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Insights from Global Gam Jam 2012

This year was my first time at Global Game Jam. The idea of this event is simple – imagine a traditional game project with developers, designers and artists. Now press the “Fast Forward” button a bunch of times till you … Continue reading

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