Coming Back To Life

Times flies when you’re having fun… or when you’re extremely busy i guess… I can’t believe the last time i posted something on this blog was over 11 months ago !

This is totally unacceptable of course, and i now plan to get back to blogging, and attempt to do that regularly.

What I’ve Been Up To ?

Throughout 2016 i was very busy working on Coin Master – our company’s latest game (available on Facebook, iOS and Android). I was also busy getting acquainted to being a Team Lead – something that has happened quite a long time ago, but probably takes some time to get adjusted to. It’s also a topic that is worth blogging about (so stay tuned !).

What Happens Now ?

I plan to hop back on the blogging train again, and this time attempt to do that on a regular basis. Topics i’m interested in writing about are Unity (as always), game development (in general), software design and other development practices and tools, as well as leadership related posts.

So …. stay tuned ! more awesome content is coming soon…

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