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Unity Editor Extensions – Custom Inspectors

This is the 2nd post in the “Unity Editor Extension” series. The post describes the basics steps for creating custom inspectors in the Unity editor. In the next posts of the series i will dive into more advanced topics such as working with inspectors … Continue reading

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A Summary of Unity Attributes

The post was updated with attributes from Unity 5.3 RC1. Unity uses attributes all over the place for declaring different things to the engine. The latest release (5.3) has a whopping count of 77 (!) attributes to decorate your classes, methods and fields. New … Continue reading

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Wonderball Heroes hits 500K downloads on Google Play

This is going to be a very brief show off post. Wonderball Heroes, the game that me and the team over at Moon Active are working on for the last few months has recently hit the 500,000 downloads mark ! Still a long … Continue reading

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