Developing with Unity and WebGL

IMG-20150419-WA0044This week I gave a joint talk (with @DePanther) at the Israeli Unity Developers Meetup on Unity and WebGL.

The talk focused on the development process of the game we’re working on – Wonderball Heroes,  challenges we faced along the project and how we worked around them (and hopefully – so can YOU).

We also described a few optimizations we made to cut down the game downloadable size to a bare minimum.

Overall, we had around ~ 60 people who came, and the feedback we received was pretty awesome !! (YAY!).

In the near future, I plan to do a couple of follow-up posts that will drill down into some of the technical details of things that were mentioned in the talk.

Here are the slides, for your enjoyment, for any further question don’t hesitate to drop an  email or comment.

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